Guest Appearance


After a few months of back and forth, I recently sat down to talk with the estimable James Thomas. Based in Taipei, Taiwan, James is the host of the expatriate podcast, 4 Seas 1 Family, in which he and his guests explore the experiences of expats and how they adapt to their lives abroad.

In Episode 25: CONSCIOUSLY CONTRIBUTE, I talk to James about emigrating to New Zealand with a family of six, how English isn’t necessarily a common language and the importance of seeking friends and committing to your community.

James is a gracious, funny and inquisitive host and his shows are the kind of resource that I wished for when we were planning our relocation. I really enjoyed our discussion as you can hear from the chuckles and laughter, so hopefully, we can pick up the conversation again one day.

You can find James and 4 Seas 1 Family at:


twitter: @4seas1family





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